BadAssKicker Photography is the culmination of decades of honing the basic fundamentals of portraitur​e through the ​application of strong posing, directional​​ lighting, compositional techniques and a mastery of how Fstops, apertures and shutter speeds affect a portrait within the camera before the introduction of digital corrections or enhancements. 

I am a student of light; its direction, its diffusion, its intensity in everything it touches and perhaps more importantly what it chooses to ignore i​​​n the shadows it creates. It's what allows us perception, for without light there is nothing to record but blackness. Light makes everything it illuminates exist to our eyes. I simply seek to capture the beauty light exposes and preserve it in a moment of time.

Scott Hill, CCP
Why BadAssKicker Photography?  Three things. The local schools are known as the Kicking Mules, so nix "Bad Mule Kicker"  "Bad Donkey Kicker" with the
emphasis on "bad" sounds as if one is correcting undesirable behavior. The word "ass" is used 76 times in the bible and if it's good enough for God's word, well....
Besides, if something is "badass" the connotation is it's a really good thing while a "kicker" is a type of light in photography.
Now is a good time to use Google.